Quito – Quevedo

Long time since I gave away a bet, but I think I have found a decent one.

Deportivo Quito host Quevedo in Ecuador and I think that the home team will win here. The two teams met recently and Quevedo won then. But in that game Quito got a player sent off when they were ahead. I watched parts of the game and Quito was a far better team.

Quevedo - Quito 4-3 after Quito player down.
Quevedo – Quito 4-3 after Quito a player down.

Apart from that lucky win, Quevedo has not won for seven games! Quito’s lasr result doesn’t impress at all (0-4 to Liga de Loja), but I hope that that match wake them up for the game tonight.

I take Quito -1 at Marathon (2.10) and a straight win at Betsafe (1.60).


The final score was 2-1 after a late Quito goal. Quito was the far better team and should have won more comfortably. One win and one void for me.