Damallsvenskan: Bets from the opening round

It has been a while since I placed bets on the blog (I haven’t placed many bets at all recently to be honest). But now (or April 13, 2014) it is time for Damallsvenskan (the first football league for women in Sweden) and I think I have found bets with decent value.

Damallsvenskan: Jitex – Umeå

Emma Berglund

Jitex have done very well against former Damallsvenskan giants Umeå IK the last two seasons. However, for the 2014 season the team has been completely rebuilt and the squad consists of young players from lower league clubs. The new players are talented but probably not yet ready for the biggest scene in Sweden. At least not early in the season. Canadian international Emily Zurrer provides some class and experience, but it should not be enough.

Umeå finished fifth in the table last season and are believed to fight just below the best teams also this season. Swedish international and team captain Emma Berglund is back in the team after a heavy knee injury.

UNIBET provides the best prices for Umeå at the moment and I take two bets.

Bet 1: Jitex – Umeå: Umeå -1 (European Handicap, i.e. threeway handicap) at 1.65. 1.5 unit.

Bet 2: Jitex – Umeå: Umeå -2 (European Handicap, i.e. threeway handicap) at 2.65. 0.5 unit.

Result: 0-1, -2 units

Observe: I only place bets with one unit (good value) or two units (very good value) at stake. Hence, I see very good value in Umeå at Unibet’s prices.

Update: Bet365 opened with 1.20 for the straight Umeå win (compared to 1.11-1.15 for the other bookies).

Damallsvenskan: Kristianstad – Tyresö

The situation in Tyresö is awful and the economical situation in the club is critical. Plenty of players will leave in the summer, but so far the quality in the squad is world class and probably the best in Damallsvenskan. I can’t see them losing points to Kristianstad despite the chaotic situation and the fact that Caroline Seger and Marta seem to be injured.

Tyresö will play Birmingham in Champions League six days after the encounter to Kristianstad and this game should be a good preparation game.

Bet 3: Kristianstad – Tyresö: Tyresö win at 1.50. 0.5 unit.

Bet 4: Kristianstad – Tyresö: Tyresö -1 (European Handicap, i.e. threeway handicap) at 2.45. 0.5 unit.

Result: 2-0, -1 unit

Unibet provides the best prices also for Tyresö! I stick to one unit in total due to the situation in Tyresö.

Damallsvenskan: Vittsjö – Kopparbergs/Göteborg

Stefan Rehn – Superstar!

Vittsjö have had problems with injuries during pre-season and at least Emma Sjödahl is out for long. With their thin squad they should suffer with every injury.

I think that Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC have some interesting new signings, among them Annica Sjölund, Manon Melis, and new manager Stefan Rehn.

Since the injury situation should damage Vittsjö I believe that 1.85 is good for Göteborg. Again at Unibet.

Bet 5: Vittsjö – Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Göteborg win at 1.85. 1 unit.

Result: 0-5, +0.85 units

Update: Bet365 opened with 1.91 for Kopparbergs/Göteborg!

I will try to have time to continue to follow Damallsvenskan and perhaps give bets every now and then.