Titus Bramble surprises me

I read in Swedish here and in English here that Titus Bramble, himself a controversial character, openly criticise Paolo Di Canio’s man management abilities and I must say I am very surprised. Not by the claims as such – Paola Di Canio seems to be a strange man – but more that the claims are actually made.

Sunderland and other PL clubs are very sensitive to open critique and players usually praise their former managers despite obvious conflicts. The words from Bramble are quite harsh and I believe that the atmosphere in the dressing room must be very bad at the moment. Paolo Di Canio might be able to get success in the short run, but if he continues in this manner I don’t think he will manage teams in the top leagues for long.

By the way, I was very surprised when Sunderland appointed Di Canio. Didn’t they learn anything from what mentally insane Roy Keane did to the club?