Hammarby over?

Örgryte IS will play Hammarby IF on Monday and I take two early bets on over 2.5 goals in total and Hammarby over 1.5 goals. Looking at the statistics this is just stupid. Hammarby hardly never play goal rich games (only two out of fifteen games have ended in over 2.5 goals!) and Örgryte also have problem to find the net (in 15 games they have scored 12 goals, conceded 24, and only 6 games have gone over 2.5 goals). However, Hammarby have replaced their former manager Gregg Berhalter with Thomas Dennerby and I think that this will influence the team heavily. Under Berhalter they underperformed and the players seemed non-happy on the pitch. Moreover, they have missed a lot of good opportunities and I hope that things will end differently on Monday.

Hammarby have some quality offensively, with Kennedy Bakircioglu as their star player. They have brought in two new strikers (Andreas Haddad, who has quality but have had a very injury-prone career, and Luke Rodgers, who is reported as a former bad-boy but I know nothing about him). It is time to deliver now for Hammarby and I have a feeling that they will end the season a lot better than they have done this far. I do believe that Dennerby will encourage the players to go forward, although he is perhaps not known as an attacking minded manager.

Bet365 offers 2.05 on over 2.5 goals in total and 2.20 on Hammarby over 1.5 goals and I put one unit on both bets (I use four units per game at maximum).

Usually I do not play over bets for single teams, but I believe that Hammarby will play offensively and this game could end 2-2. Therefore, I go for Hammarby over 1.5. My guess is 1-3 though.

Kennedy Bakircioglu
Will Kennedy Bakircioglu help Hammarby to go over 1.5 goals?

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