Draw-no-bet (DnB)

A draw-no-bet (DnB) pick in sports betting (and particular football) is a two-way choice where the wager is returned if the game ends with a draw. Draw-no-bet is equivalent to +0 Asian handicap.


Looking at the draw-no-bet (or Asian +0) lines is an easy way to get the feeling for how the sports betting market value the two teams. If you believe that team A should be slight favourites at home to team B, but don’t want to rule out the possibility for a draw, all prices above 2.00 on team A should posses some value.

Sometimes only the 1X2-market is available on some bookies. However, a draw-no-bet is in reality merely two 1X2-bets, one bet on the team you favour and one bet on the draw. Therefore, it is always possible to bet on the DnB market. Check out this article on Pinnacle Sports website.

Observe that the Asian, draw-no-bet, and 1X2 prices often differ on the very same bookie. The bookie’s ’tax’ (return or payout) is usually more favourable for the punter in the Asian handicap market and therefore the home made draw-no-bet discussed above might result in slightly lower prices than in the Asian handicap market.

draw-no-betEXAMPLE: On Saturday Manchester City hosts Tottenham and Unibet offers 1.44 for the home win, 4.50 for the draw, and 7.50 for the away win. You believe that Tottenham have some value here, but want the wager back (a push) if the game ends in a draw. In that case you could take a look at the draw-no-bet prices: Manchester City 1.14 and Tottenham 6.00. Hence, you still get a big win (a net profit of 5 times the wager) if Tottenham manage to beat the favourites, but get your wager back if they get a draw.


Draw-no-bet (DnB) is one of plenty of words/phrases/abbreviations in sports betting I have written about. See this dictionary for all the terms I have tried to explain.

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