Void bet

A void bet is a bet where the wager is returned. There are plenty of reasons why bets are voided, for instance if a football match is cancelled. A void bet should not be confused with a push in Asian handicap bets even if both terms result in the same thing, the return of the wager.


Bookies void bets because of numerous reasons. Examples are:

  • The game gets called off.
  • A player is backed to score the first goal and he/she doesn’t make the starting line-up
  • Obvious misplaced prices by the bookies due to technical or human errors. Most bookmakers clearly state that any bet that is a result from their own mistake shall be declared void. This should be kept in mind when you place bets with ”strange odds”.
  • In in-play injuries in tennis matches different bookmakers have different rules when a player have to withdraw from the game. Some bookies always judge the opponent as the winner, some always void bets when a player withdraw from the game. Others only void the bet if the game is cancelled in the first set. And more…

Void bets is one of plenty of words/phrases/abbreviations in sports betting I have written about. See this dictionary for all the terms I have tried to explain.

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